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Welcome to The Skulk!

This is a section dedicated to my collection of premade costumes and puppets that I have in progress and up for adoption. 

I will also advertise when I'm open for private custom costume costumes and puppet commission here as well!

(If you are organisation or company wanting to hire me for work to be used in a performance or play, please contact me via email: support@theramblingfox.com)




I'm sorry but my commissions are currently closed. If you'd be notify when my commissions are open again please follow me on my Social medias! 

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Below are designs that will be made and then offered as partials. 

There will be the option for the buyer to upgrade to a full suit if they wish as well as add on extras such as Fursuit badge, custom bandanna and other accessories different for each character.

If you like a particular design, please feel free to contact me via: support@theramblingfox.com and we can arrange a holding deposit or purchase of the design once it is completed.

These designs will be replaced with the finish images of the costume/puppets when completed and will be rotated with other designs as one sells. 


Currently in process

Red Marble Fox

- Semi Realistic Style

- DVC base with silicone nose, tongue.

- 3D style metallic/shiny eyes

Tribal_Hyena - adopted.png

Nomadic Hyena

- Toony style

- Resin base by Colourful Creatures

- 2D style eyes

- Removable ear plugs

- Metallic hand paw pads

Manokit moscow guppy design - ADOPTED.pn

Moscow Guppy Manokit

- Toony style

- Manokit base by DVC

- 2D style eyes

- Minky airbrushed/painted back and tail fins